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AcuFil Quilting for the Janome MC12000

Janome has released a new kit for the Memory Craft 12000. AcuFil Quilting is a complete quilting system built into your machine. Having been popular with the MC11000 series, an AcuFil Quilting kit has now been created for MC12000, further expanding the creative potential to combine embroidery and quilting in your work.

Watch how easy it is to use the AcuFil Quilting kit for the Memory Craft 12000

AcuFil Tool
Install onto your PC to prepare AcuFil designs. Enter your quilt dimensions to create automatic stippling that perfectly covers your entire quilt top. You can also create original AcuFil designs to embroider on your quilt top.

Hoop ASQ22
The hoop comes with eight magnetic clamps and an acrylic template. It allows you to easily adjust the position of the fabric by referring to the markings on the template. Once the position is fixed, you can press down the template and secure the fabric to the hoop with magnetic clamps.This hoop is especially useful when quilting multiple layers and thicker fabrics.

This is a purchasable upgrade and contains the following:

  • ASQ22 hoop – Magnetic clamp hoop 220 x 220mm OR 8.7 inches square. Secure multiple quilt layers for embroidery as easy as clamp,clamp, clamp.

  • Hard plastic hoop template  

  • 8 magnetic clamps

  • Acufil Tool software for easy multiple design layouts: Create original Acufil designs; Optimize the size & number of acufil designs to fill the chosen embroidery/quilt area; Edit designs; arrange the layout & optimize the design size to fit the quilt; easy adjusting of last pattern size to allow for fabric shrinkage with quilting.

  • Acufil Design Collection with over 70 embroidery quilting designs: stippling Designs; Feathers; Free motion style motifs; Stipple Quilting fills & Selected Mc12000 Quilting designs