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Memory Craft 500e: Quilting Block


The Memory Craft 500e is just an embroidery machine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for Quilting.

There is a whole menu of quilting designs available and we have taken one of them and created this quilting block.

  1. Select Home>Edit
  2. Select Hoop Size SQ20B
  3. Select Home and then press on the flower to select an embroidery
  4. Select the Flower in the top right section of the screen and then select the Quilting Menu (you may have to turn the page using the right and left arrow keys at the bottom of the screen)
  5. Navigate to the SQ20B hoop designs in the Quilting menu and then select design number 1.
  6. Resize to 80%
  7. Rotate to 45 degrees (Press the rotate right 45 button once)
  8. Move the rotated design to so that the point of the design is now aligned like the picture
  9. Copy the design
  10. Move the design down using the Down arrow
  11. Vertically flip the design and align it as the mirror image of the previous design
  12. Copy the design
  13. Rotate the design to 45 degrees
  14. Move the design so that it sits between the two embroideries already on the screen
  15. Copy the design and flip horizontally
  16. Align the design in the remaining space
  17. Hoop a layer of Homespun,Wadding and Homespun
  18. Thread the 500e with Quilting thread in the needle and the same thread in the bobbin
  19. Embroider out the design
  20. Trim back to a 10 inch square
  21. Bind the edge using bias binding.